What are the quality requirements of cutting processing?

Cutting quality requirements are as follows:

1 Cutting size should be accurate, the error is less than 2mm; no skew, clean cut, no knife and knife marks, no broken.

2 The allowable value of blanking is: open large sheets, illustration materials, loose pages, and the error does not exceed 2mm. Open cover material error does not exceed 1mm ± 0.5mm. Open double error is 1mm, no more than l.5mm. The error in loading hardcover cardboard does not exceed 1mm. Open the chart material blank head space is greater than the footer blank, the general ratio is (4:5) ~ (4:6). European countries, in contrast to our country, usually have small and large designs.

3 In the design of the material, consideration should be given to aligning the bookbinding yarns with the direction of the paper web, ie, the paper webs are along the up and down direction of the pages. This treatment can avoid the problem of erection of books when the book is opened, and can better maintain the open state of the book.

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