New problems in household consumption are emerging one after another

The new confusion "zero increase" still has the added problem of new troubles, but the independent store is picking the eye ---

The home improvement company “opens the power” to open a big store, but it makes consumers pick the eye; although the ever-changing preferential activities are enough, it makes people feel insecure; it is a good thing to advocate “zero increase” and get more practical problems. many.

Furniture online shopping is in full swing, all kinds of hidden dangers "water on the surface"; imported furniture is eager to verify the body, to increase the difficulty of purchasing for consumers...

For the home improvement and furniture industry, only by constantly self-appreciating, can consumers be concerned and even recognized. This "self-appreciation" road is full of thorns and triggers new and endless problems.

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Home improvement company big store stands out, consumers feel picky eyes

The decoration of the industry's peaks was early and independent, and the success of “Fenggehui Home” was used to drive the “independent store tide” of the home improvement company, followed by the “first stop of decoration” and the decoration of the “Dongzhu Shangpin” "The 1:1 finished home improvement" of the Kuda decoration and the "Fast home decoration" decorated by the home of the house are all drastically opened up and become the "integrators" of the main materials and furniture.

There are more and more places to choose home improvement, buy home materials and furniture, which makes consumers feel confused and even picky. In the end, who can decorate and buy building materials and furniture products in order to get the ultimate benefits? With the fast opening of the home improvement company, this question has also taken root in the hearts of consumers.

The offer is too complicated for consumers to feel insecure

“Home decoration discounts, ultra-low-cost collection of building materials, furniture sold at ex-factory prices, selected decoration packages, and large and small electrical gifts are sent...” In order to attract consumers’ attention, the amount of higher signings has been completed, almost every year since last year. There are big and small promotions on weekends. The promotion methods are dazzling, the preferential policies are updated from time to time, and the main strategies are different. In order to compete for consumers, the decoration companies have come up with housekeeping skills. However, for consumers who have the power to consume and who are slightly passive in their buying behavior, the abacus of home improvement companies is always irritating.

What are the characteristics and differences of different home improvement stores? Is the offer content a change of soup? How can I quickly clear my mind and let the decoration save my heart? Consumers are certainly happy to see the eye-popping offers, but how to choose the right offers in an orderly manner is also really worrying.

There are a lot of problems in the "zero increase" trend

From the "No Additions" full decoration package of the home of the House of Real Estate, the current 19,800 yuan old house decoration package, the "59,900 yuan zero increase item occupancy package" for the 80 square meter house upgrade version, Bolognese's public comment selection Foreman, Kuoda advocates the “Sunshine Plan” for transparent decoration, and goes to Yaguangya’s commitment to 5S finished home improvement without any increase... Since 2012, the problem of “home improvement” that consumers have hated has not been obtained for many years. After better improvement, it was once again put on the table. The mainstream home improvement company is almost full of nests, and wants to open up a green channel for the “zero increase”.

However, many years of experience in decorating tell us that the problem of renovation and addition is ubiquitous and extremely difficult to rectify. As of 2012, readers still complained to the newspaper, or said that the use of non-additional packages continued to increase, or that even small changes must be calculated. It can be seen that the removal of the increase is not a matter of time.

Home improvement company to make products meet the problem of after-sales service

Dongyi Risheng's long-established woodwork factory provides us with more cost-effective products; Bolognese uses its own advantages to make cabinets and furniture products more refined; the current wooden door products are of high quality and affordable; Cabinets and furniture products are caught... I don’t know when to start, the home improvement company has done decoration and products, and started to work as a number of positions.

No need to spend time and effort to bury themselves in the major home stores. Building materials, home improvement, furniture, accessories, nowadays, consumers have been able to get all the help from the home improvement company. However, the lack of professionalism and unclear market positioning have caused bottlenecks in the development model of this “big home”. It is reported that some of the main materials or furniture product lines of some home improvement companies have been discontinued in the past two years, and this change will directly affect the after-sales problem.

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