Mahogany furniture rose by 30% in four months

In less than four months, the price of mahogany furniture has increased by at least 30%, especially around the Spring Festival, almost all the way. Many wealthy people in our city have also started to invest in the mahogany furniture market, and many goods are out of stock.

Prices soared by 1% in 1 month

Mr. Wang, who has been in business, purchased a set of mahogany sofas before the Spring Festival. The material is Laos red rosewood, with a total price of 250,000 yuan. Over the past month, due to the increase in material prices, the furniture he chose has appreciated by 10%. Mr. Wang said: "Before the Spring Festival, when the family bought a new house to decorate, they wanted to buy a set of mahogany furniture, which can be used and invested. I didn't expect to make money when I bought it."

Due to the scarcity of raw materials and the introduction of some restrictions on the harvesting of redwoods in countries such as Vietnam and Laos, the price of domestic mahogany furniture has soared before and after the Spring Festival.

Zhang Haisheng, the boss of the great international furniture square Guiming Hongmu furniture, said: "Compared with the home fair held in October last year, good materials have increased by at least 30%. For example, the price per ton of red rosewood is more than 70,000 yuan. It has risen to more than 170,000 yuan, and the per ton of Burmese huanghua pear has risen from 9,000 yuan to about 13,000 yuan. The more expensive the price of the more expensive materials."

Sales booming buyers wait in line for goods <br> <br> mahogany furniture prices soared, attracted the attention of investors. The exhibition hall in Zhang Haisheng’s store is now vacant for more than half, leaving only a few sets of sofas and dining tables as samples.

When the reporter interviewed, some citizens came to ask: "Boss Zhang, did you arrive?" Zhang Haisheng reluctantly replied: "You have to wait, it’s getting faster." Zhang Haisheng told reporters that the sale of mahogany furniture before and after the Spring Festival Very hot, the bed, desk, wardrobe are almost sold out, and now there are 6 customers waiting in line.

What kind of people are investing in mahogany furniture? A set of mahogany furniture should be at least 10,000 yuan, a medium-grade level of 200,000 yuan, and a high-end one of which can reach tens of millions of yuan. It is difficult for ordinary wage earners to afford. Zhang Bo said that the placement of mahogany furniture in the home not only shows his identity, but also serves as an investment. Most of the consumers in our city are people with certain social status or business, mainly choosing middle and low-end products.

Multi-species raw material purchase to be careful <br> <br> mahogany furniture Why so expensive? Mainly due to the scarcity of raw materials of mahogany. Although redwood is renewable, it takes hundreds of years to mature, and some of the most valuable species are almost extinct.

How to choose mahogany furniture? "The key is to see the material." Zhang Haisheng said that only Huanghuali has a variety of origins, the most valuable is Hainan huanghuali, the price per ton is more than 8 million yuan, and cheap, such as African huanghuali per ton The price is below 10,000 yuan.

Zhang Haisheng said that there are many mahogany furniture in the market that are shoddy and fake. If you want to invest in mahogany furniture, you should learn more about mahogany before buying. "Some fakes are still relatively easy to identify. For example, some people sell Hainan huanghuali furniture sets, which can definitely be fake. Because Hainan huanghuali is extremely precious and expensive, usually there are only a few small ornaments on the market." Zhang Haisheng said.

Zhang Haisheng said that if ordinary wage earners want to invest in mahogany furniture, they can choose some small ornaments or small sets of furniture, such as pen holders, decorative wood carvings, three-piece chairs, etc. The price ranges from several thousand to one or two thousand yuan, most wages. The family can still bear.

Some investors also believe that the current price of mahogany furniture has risen to a high level, and it will be more appropriate to wait for the price to fall back. People who do not know much about the mahogany furniture market should also be cautious in investing.

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