Stone handmade - turtle

Stone handmade - turtle


Wallets or purses especially for money storage, credit cards also. It can also be a carry-on ornament or used for family photo. According to its style, wallets can be basically divided into medium and long purses and short wallets. Medium and long wallets are rectangular in shape and longer in length. If you have more stuff and put your wallet in your bag, choosing a medium-length bag will be better. Because medium and long wallets are more elegant than short ones. Short wallets are shorter in length and width, generally close to the square. If you always pack your money in your pocket, it's better to use a short purse.

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Most fashionable wallets or purses are made from genuine or PU leather. There are other wallets are in polyester, nylon, canvas etc. Some will add RFID to wallets.

Olinb Bags are a manufacturer who specialize in making custom bags, attaching a label for you. 

To avoid any bad feedback about quality from buyers, it is guaranteed that all of our bags will be well made and 100% checked before delivery. If any issue on quality, replacement will be sent to you for free.


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