Redwood furniture business is difficult to recruit woodworkers

“Recruiting mahogany furniture and woodworking, skilled workers work 8.5 hours a day, with a monthly salary of 6000-7000 yuan.” This is the recruitment conditions for Yangzhou Lacquerware Factory to recruit woodworkers. Half a month ago, the lacquerware factory needed to recruit more than ten skilled mahogany furniture and woodworkers. Until yesterday, there were seven or eight carpentry users. "It is difficult to find woodworkers. Skilled mahogany furniture and woodworking are even more difficult to meet."

status quo

Seven thousand monthly salary is difficult to recruit mahogany woodworker

In recent years, the mahogany furniture market has become increasingly popular. "When I first arrived in Yangzhou seven or eight years ago, there was only one mahogany furniture factory. Later, many people swarmed up and entered the industry. Others used to make guzheng, and now they have also changed to mahogany furniture." Yangzhou lacquerware Ma Zhiping, the person in charge of the factory, said that there are several large-scale mahogany furniture factories in Yangzhou. The rapid expansion of the mahogany furniture factory has led to a surge in demand for woodworking.

"Doing some work, that is, the hourly salary is 200-230 yuan, working eight and a half hours a day, the monthly salary is 6000-7000 yuan. You can also choose to do piecework, more work, more skilled teachers here. It is a monthly salary of over 10,000." Ma Zhiping's conditions are that many white-collar workers will be "stunned", but in fact, the mahogany furniture is qualified.

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Redwood woodworking craft or face loss

It is understood that the production of mahogany furniture includes dozens of processes, each process requires not only the rich experience of the workers, but also the talent. Ma Zhiping said, "A good mahogany furniture master carving master may not meet one in three or five years."

According to reports, to do good mahogany furniture, superior raw materials, computer programs, imported machine tools can certainly solve some basic framework, but most of the processes still need to be done manually. "Most skilled workers on our side are mostly 40-50 year old employees, and there are very few skilled workers under the age of 30. There used to be an old saying called 'three years of apprenticeship, five years of becoming a teacher', It is the technology of woodworking, the art cycle is long, but many young people are eager for quick success and can't wait for such a long time.” Ma Zhiping said helplessly.

"In the past, when our boys couldn’t go to school, they would come out to learn the craft. It’s not a carpenter or a bricklayer. So at that time, there was more woodwork. Now young people can choose more and more jobs. They feel that the wood chips are dirty. There is a feeling of inferiority, so I am not willing to come to school." An old woodworker lamented.

"According to this situation, the craft of mahogany furniture woodworking may be lost." In the interview, Ma Zhiping looked helpless.


Flowing water operation, half a year

Of course, many young people are reluctant to learn mahogany furniture for various reasons, but is there no "courage" to appear under the reward?

In the interview, the reporter also learned that the situation of the woodwork of mahogany furniture was low during the apprenticeship. According to industry practice, an apprentice who does not have a basic woodwork foundation, a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan, which is difficult for most young people to accept.

"Although the early salary is relatively low, the late return is very considerable. Now, as long as there are some basic woodworkers, the salary for our training period has already been two or three thousand." Ma Zhiping said that they have already turned from raw ingredients to finished products. A complete process is changed to a streamlined operation. “One person is responsible for a process and can be started in about half a year.” Such reforms are also aimed at shortening the art cycle and attracting young people to join.

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