Master Staff Masters Thangka Thangka Trekking Staff - Test Report

It was a great honor to have the chance to be equipped with cool equipment. The Masters Thangka trekking pole (double stick) was surprised when it opened the package. It turned out to be two sticks (耶) and later it was displayed in a square with many friends and asked. It's a test, it's really headstrong this time... Equipment cool - give power!

Trekking sticks - this is no stranger to every donkey friend. It can be said that each one has more than one pair. Then there are many opinions on the selection and use of trekking poles. The trekking pole is to solve the problem of insufficient upper limb movement and low exercise intensity during walking or mountain climbing, which greatly enhances the exercise function of ordinary walking and freehand climbing, especially when climbing (uphill and downhill) effectively reduces joint pressure of lower limbs and reduces The joints are worn and the injury to the knee joints by freehand climbing is avoided. The support of two canes increases the safety of mountain walking.

It is not necessarily a good trekking pole. It is right to choose the right one. For long-term mountaineers, they will eventually choose the cost-effective staff. Therefore, it is their responsibility to have a pair of good staff at the earliest possible time. Do not dare to move when the legs are down and remember to buy a trekking pole.

You look good and look at the officials (really two)

Each is individually packaged (very detailed)

First, the brand profile

Masters, Italy started with the production of cane accessories and initially provided accessories for some of the world's leading cane companies. A few years later, Masters discovered that they could actually produce better canes. Since the early 1990s, Masters has been involved in the production and design innovation of canes. The use of the Super Shrink System and the Replaceable Cutter System bring Masters' retractable canes to the world's leading position.

Second, product parameters

Brand Name: Masters / Yile

Whether there is a wristband: Yes

Product Number: 01S3115

Alpenstock Sessions: 3 Sessions

Style: Straight grip

Stick body material: 7075 aviation aluminum

Stick tip material: carbon steel alloy

Size: 65 / 140cm

Grip: EVA professional foam handle

Diameter: 18/16/14mm

Accessories: mud care, protective cover

Weight: 260g

Third, product evaluation

1, indoor display

(Low-key luxury atmosphere, equipped with Cool Xiaobian is very careful)

(careful small series greeting card)

(Product English manual)

(Section 3 breaks down, it's easy to unload, no frustration)

Show details

(thickened wristbands, effectively relieve wrist fatigue)

Use of wristbands

When people use trekking poles, they are all gripping the trekking poles with their handles. They think that the effect of the wristbands is to keep the trekking poles from leaving their wrists. If you think so, then you are wrong. The importance of the belt is no less than the strength of the trekking pole itself!

When we use a trekking pole downhill, the impact force on the trekking pole should be transmitted from the wrist strap to our arm. When we go uphill, the arm's thrust is transmitted from the wrist strap to the trekking pole to generate uphill power. Therefore, we When walking through the wristband, the wrist should not be pulled directly in from the top of the wristband to grasp the handle. Instead, the wristband should be picked up, penetrated from below the wristband, pressed into the palm of our hand, and then lightened. Grab the handle lightly (see picture above) and use the wrist strap to support the trekking pole instead of holding it tightly.

(foam grip, feel comfortable)

(Wristband quick adjustment system - open state)

(Wristband quick adjustment system - locked state)

(Supersonic spraying LOGO, bright, red in the outdoors as a prominent, non-slip wear resistance)

(Received nearly 69CM with stick head)

(buckle-locking system, meticulous workmanship, elasticity)

(fender and tip protection head)

(tungsten-manganese alloy rod tip)

1, outdoor evaluation:

Assessment Location: (2015-9-9 Sheshan Small Circle Line Crossing, 11KM, 4 hours)

Evaluator: Drunk love Zhang Sanchao (equipment ID), outdoor for 5 years, likes to hike, climb, reload and camp. Many times led the team to Tibet, Mohe, Wutaishan and other abnormal climate areas. Love the wonderful nature...

(Absolute enough hard tip)

(Advantageous enough to lead "coquettish")

The role of trekking poles can effectively prevent injuries to the waist and spine, balance breathing, provide a stable grounding point, and ultimately save their physical strength.

(Quick use of double-cut sticks, it is still very cool to disassemble Kaike)

The strongest state of the trekking poles in the three sections is that in the case where the lengths of the three poles are equivalent, do not extend only one of the poles, and do not use another pole, or the warning scale of the poles, which will cause the trekking pole to bend. Distorted and unusable.


The drawstring head of the wristband is recommended to be a button to prevent it from falling off. At present, the front end is wider and easier to get stuck.

Fourth, evaluation summary:

1. The Masters Thangka trekking poles were used for the first time and the charm of the masters was felt. Lightweight and tough.

2, exquisite workmanship, details in place, feel very comfortable.

3. The locking system is closer than other series, and it can be tightened with a single turn.

4, tungsten manganese alloy rod tip, top configuration.

5, this rod is very good length, suitable for tall use, feel good when down the mountain, let us free shuttle in the mountains.

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