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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In order to seek individuality, many young people have fallen in love with their own unique furniture, and the market for custom wardrobes has gradually matured. However, there is a lot of knowledge in the custom closet. If you only ask for personality, but ignore the use of the living space and the family's living habits, custom wardrobes will not be self-defeating.

Custom wardrobe

Custom wardrobe renderings

Custom wardrobe size problem

If the house is small or small, but the family population is too large, the furniture should be space-saving. When choosing wardrobes, cabinets and other products, the shape should be as simple as possible, and the volume should be relatively small. Moreover, before customizing the wardrobe, it is necessary to think about which type of clothing is more than one, and then add space accordingly.

Overall style problem

When purchasing a custom closet, you should consider the actual situation of your home, so as not to cause the "ideal is full, realistic and very skinny" trouble. The wardrobes that look the right size and the right color in the exhibition hall may not be perfectly matched in your own home. Also pay attention to the custom wardrobe style should be consistent with the overall decoration style.

Material environmental issues

The formaldehyde content of the cabinet door or cabinet material is too high, which will adversely affect the user's health. How to judge the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard? Customized wardrobe purchase considerations also have specific methods, and the simplest and most direct way is to open the cabinet door, open the drawer, such as exceeding the standard, generally emit a strong irritating smell, and even make people cry.

In order to avoid the reality and the ideal difference in the custom closet, these are the problems that can not be ignored in choosing a custom closet. Only by paying attention to these problems, I believe that there is basically no problem in customization.

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