New technology for efficiency sources: shielding damaged heads to extract data

Hard disk storage data is realized by magnetic head reading and writing, but due to time loss and other uncontrollable external factors, the hard disk head is easily damaged, and the disk may be scratched, resulting in serious physical failure of the hard disk.

The physical failure of the hard disk mainly includes abnormal sound, knocking, unable to seek, stopping, re-energizing, and so on. In case of the above situation, it is usually possible to replace the matching magnetic head. However, in actual operation, the problem that the hard disk cannot be repaired after replacing the magnetic head is often encountered. The reason may be that the magnetic head does not match or the magnetic head matches, but a certain disk is scratched, and the hard disk cannot work normally. What is more, after replacing the new magnetic head, when the damaged disc is read, the newly replaced magnetic head is directly damaged again.

Based on this kind of problem, Efficiency Source Technology has developed a new technology for shielding damaged heads to read data information of hard disks. This technology is mainly used for data loss of individual heads of hard disks or scratching of a disk. The main principle is shielding damage. The head or the head of the damaged disc end acquires data through other normal heads to achieve data recovery.

So, how to read the data information in the hard disk by shielding the damaged magnetic head?

The efficiency source R&D engineer introduced: This technology mainly obtains the ROM information in the hard disk board through the Boot Code method and parses out the SAP data body structure; then finds the head bitmap information in the SAP data body and modifies it to close the damaged head; Then, the SAP data body is verified and modified, a new SAP data body is generated, and the verified SAP data body is backfilled into the ROM. Finally, the modified ROM is written back to the circuit board of the hard disk through the Boot Code method, and the power is re-powered. After that, the extracted data is recovered using the split mirroring technique.

The advantages of this technology over the prior art are:

1. The use of a shielded magnetic head prohibits damage to the magnetic head and prevents damage to the disc again;

2, no need to replace and match the magnetic head, saving time and cost;

3, can handle a large number of scratched hard disk platters;

4. It is possible to extract data of other good disk surfaces as much as possible without replacing the magnetic head.

Although this technology can solve serious head damage and disc scratching problems, there are still some deficiencies that cannot recover data 100%. Of course, this situation is unavoidable. Because the head is damaged or the disc is scratched, when the head is replaced and the data cannot be recovered, the data under the normal head can only be obtained by shielding the head, and the data under the head is shielded. Unable to get. For example, a hard disk with two magnetic heads can only obtain 50% of the data after the magnetic head is damaged and shielded; 4 hard disks of the magnetic head can acquire 75% of the data after the magnetic head is damaged and shielded, and so on.

However, in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, its superior value far outweighs the disadvantages. Generally speaking, when the hard disk is scratched or the magnetic head is damaged and the data recovery cannot be performed, it is the last guarantee for data recovery by shielding the damaged magnetic head to extract the hard disk data as much as possible. If you can't block it, you may not be able to get any data, which will directly lead to the complete loss of hard drive data.

The efficiency source will use this technology in the near future, and launch free cross-platform software with shielded hard disk damage head for data extraction. Stay tuned!

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