Romantic scenes make a white wardrobe to bring you the feeling of snow in the north

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] North snow, people on the Internet and friends circle snow scene seems to be more. The same is a heavy snow, and the southern netizens who are still in the sunny days are envious. Today, the Chinese wardrobe net is for the benefit of the southern netizens. I want to feel the snowy scenes in the north without flying. I only need to put a white wardrobe design in the bedroom and create a romantic scene.

PART1 4 versatile white wardrobes

Case: white simple double door wardrobe

Reference price: 528 yuan

White wardrobe design

White simple double door wardrobe picture picture

In the southern home, if the bedroom is small, you can't put down the large wardrobe, and you want to experience the feeling of snow in the north. This white long wardrobe is very suitable, the style is not complicated, simple, just the color. Still prefer white.

From the case, the China Wardrobe will recommend the same type of wardrobe for you, as detailed below:

Recommended one: white double door wardrobe

Reference price: 2097 yuan

Bucket storage

White double door wardrobe picture

Shopping guide reason: This white double-door wardrobe is elegant and elegant, and the corners are round and round, showing the feminine temperament. The material is a selection of premium birch, which is more delicate, making the wardrobe structure more solid and durable.

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