The whole year's space planning is different from the overall wardrobe storage to create the decathlon

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] storage in the home can play a very good tidy effect, every year in December, each month's storage focus is different, do you make it? January work area storage, February kitchen storage...9 The monthly wardrobe storage, etc., the good wardrobe design can fully store the clothes, the cabinet can effectively store the cooking utensils, and the bookcase can also place the messy books in a very orderly manner. Let’s take a look and make sure there is one for you!

[January ☆ Workspace storage]

Storage focus: classified placement of stationery

Overall wardrobe picture

Spatial planning throughout the year as a whole wardrobe of different large storage build Decathlon (appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

January ☆ Workplace storage: This month is generally a time to resign and welcome the new ones. The working people are always busy with the summary of the year and the plan for the next year. Therefore, the workspace has become the most utilized place in this time period. The storage of the work area should be reasonably and flexibly utilized, especially the storage of stationery should be carefully classified to improve people's work efficiency.

[February ☆ kitchen storage]

Storage focus: subdivision of furniture accessories

Wardrobe with

Year-round space planning, different overall wardrobe storage to create decathlon ( appreciate more wardrobe pictures) )

February ☆ Kitchen storage: Spring Festival holiday will often appear in the month, personally cook the New Year's Eve, entertain guests, etc., so that the frequency of use of the kitchen is greatly improved. The winter kitchen is the warmest part of the home, finding the perfect solution to meet the feast of the year. The storage of the kitchen varies from person to person. For newcomers who don't cook often, multi-functional furniture and sub-assemblies can help you develop good storage habits and avoid the kitchen. In the kitchen of the housewife, there must be a lot of cooking utensils, and the space can be flexibly requested from the wall to expand the storage area.

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