130 flat free house cloakroom bathroom partition design

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The size of the apartment above 100 flats is generally two rooms, two rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom. If possible, you can make a few flat design cloakrooms. The following 130-flat home has a full range of functional areas. The most creative is the cloakroom and bathroom partition design, which is unique.

Cloakroom decoration design

Design area : quiet and elegant atmosphere in the living room

Case Comments : The white wall of the living room, the white coffee table, with the gray sofa, lined with the nostalgic cultural bricks and carpets, with gray-black paintings, the whole space looks so elegant. In the faint afternoon, I will enjoy a special audio-visual enjoyment. It’s really quiet!

Modern home with

Design area : corridor ostrich nest

Case Comment : In the aisle, the bird's nest, I want to take a photo of it. It also makes the space on the second floor feel relatively private, creating a sense of tranquility and security in which the birds return home.

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