The same paragraph of home decoration in "How to Silence"

Since the launch of "How to Silence", it has caused "the city full of wind and rain" on the Internet. There are a series of unforgettable love stories between the two, who are obsessed with each other and are waiting for seven years. This super-popular idol drama, which is both a face value and a sadistic index, was labeled as a "domestic idol drama conscience benchmark". At the same time, Zhong Hanliang played the role of a new height in the play, and was named "10 years." He repaired Ke Jingteng, and he won Wang Xiaoyu in the past 100 years, and Li Daren in the millennium, and the "ultimate idol drama man" in which he has been repaired for millions of years.

This drama is based on Gu Man's popular novel "How to Silence". The plot is wonderful, and the heroine and heroine are quite high. At one time, it has attracted countless fans. The trend and novel home decoration in the drama are also eye-catching. A hot discussion. This small series will reveal the same home decoration in the drama for everyone, and interpret the scene decoration style.

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