Modern Chinese solid wood wardrobe to get rid of old-fashioned design

Today, there are still many people who like Chinese-style homes. The furniture placed in natural Chinese-style homes is also Chinese-style. The traditional Chinese solid wood wardrobe design and function are relatively simple, but one of the biggest benefits is health and environmental protection. Despite this, the traditional Chinese solid wood wardrobe is not very popular in the modern and colorful society, so the modern Chinese solid wood wardrobe was born. The following small series introduces the three popular Chinese solid wood wardrobes.

Classical solid wood wardrobe

Classical style solid wood wardrobes are generally made of high-grade wood as the raw material, and the design style is also unique, belonging to the fake products in solid wood furniture. This kind of wardrobe is more suitable for middle-aged and successful people with deep cultural heritage.

Modern Chinese sliding door wardrobe

In general, the modern Chinese sliding door wardrobe has the original wood grain color and elegant temperament, and the overall shape is also relatively simple, which can fully reflect the traditional Chinese aesthetics and the pursuit of simplicity, and is very suitable for young people.

Five-door Chinese style wardrobe

The five-door large wardrobe is elegant and elegant, with a mature beauty and a warm and intimate feeling. In addition, the five-door Chinese-style wardrobe also has ample storage space, which can fully meet the daily needs of use.

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