Stanley plate cloakroom sleek minimalist style fresh texture

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Every woman's clothing may not be full of jade, as long as there is a small world filled with their own favorite clothing, it will be very satisfied. The Stanley brand's cloakroom is also gaining a reputation in the same industry. It has won the top ten brands in the wardrobe category, so what about its products, let Xiaobian take you to find out!

Stanley Wardrobe

Evaluation details:

Suspension area

Wardrobe evaluation

The spacious hanging area is a must for most women's style cloakrooms. There are two ordinary hanging rods in this cloakroom, which are used to hang short tops and coats and long skirts. The hanging rods are relatively long and can be used for hanging clothes. The amount is still very large.

Hanging pants rack

Overall wardrobe

The trousers are placed in the lower part of the ordinary clothespins hanging on the short tops, so that the matching tops and trousers can be detached separately, so that it is convenient to find clothes and match the bottoms.

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