High-end decoration recommended L & D microcrystalline stone tiles

The microcrystalline stone tiles are called microcrystalline glass composite plates in the row. It is a high-tech product that combines a layer of 3-5mm microcrystalline glass on the surface of ceramic glass fossil and completely melts into one after the second sintering. The thickness of the glass-ceramic composite plate is 13-18mm, and the gloss is greater than 95. Microcrystalline stone tile is a high-tech product in the field of architectural ceramics. It is crystal-clear, graceful, and naturally growing with varying imitation stone textures, colorful layers, decorative effects of the appearance of ghosts and gods, and no pollution, It is easy to clean, has excellent physical and chemical properties, and also has stronger weather resistance than stone.

Each piece of L & D ceramic microcrystalline stone tiles embodies the love for life and realizes the perfect combination of art and humanities; it advocates not only the sensory effect, but also the owner's life value and connotation. L & D ranges from realism to abstraction, from romantic romance with rigorous colors to rigorous and exquisite lines, from classical thickness to post-modern simplicity, from pursuit of comfortable casualness to noble classic new luxury.

L & D Royal Blue Microcrystalline Stone Tile

Reference price: 662 yuan / block

Product features: Extremely three-dimensional texture, transparent crystal color

The "Royal Blue" sapphire microcrystalline stone tile is a noble among sapphires, with a rich, deep, noble and elegant temperament. L & D Royal Blue Microcrystalline Stone retains this characteristic of "Royal Blue" sapphire. The texture is extremely three-dimensional and has a decorative effect beyond natural stone; the color is extremely crystal-clear and translucent, surpassing the photometric effect and warm and jade texture of natural stone surface.

L & D royal blue microcrystalline stone tiles have ultra-high strength, wear resistance, environmental protection, no radiation, and a complete range of colors. They can be widely used in various home spaces and indoor building wall decoration, and the scope of use is not limited.

L & D Royal Blue Microcrystalline Basic Parameters

L & D Royal Blue Microcrystalline Stone Basic Parameters Brand Name Price Specification Type Recommended Merchant L & D Royal Blue Series 662 RMB 80 * 80cm Microcrystalline Stone LD Home Flagship Store Product Features: Extremely three-dimensional texture, transparent crystal color

L & D microcrystalline stone tiles is a high-end ceramic tile brand of Guangdong Jiamei Ceramics Co., Ltd., and its products have always been full of elegance and luxury. Royal blue microcrystalline stone is of course no exception. The royal blue microcrystalline stone texture is extremely three-dimensional, the color is crystal and transparent, and has a decorative effect beyond natural stone. The price of the product is 662 yuan, which does not seem to be high, but you should know that this is just the price of a 800 * 800mm tile, which is several times or even dozens of times that of ordinary tiles!

Editor's summary: L & D royal blue microcrystalline stone tiles are introduced here. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the information on this website, or go to this website mall to find more favorite products!

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