Mascara use method

Charming eyes always attract the attention of others. People always say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, so you want to fascinate him, why not start from the eyes! Today, Xiaobian teaches you how to use mascara !

Mascara use method
Mascara use method

How to use mascara

Step 1: Use the eyelash curler

Remember to use the eyelash curler before applying mascara. The eyelash curler is used when the mascara is attached to the eyelashes. If you don't apply the eyelashes directly, it will hurt the eyelashes and cause the eyelashes to fall.

The second step: brushing the angle

When applying the inner corner of the eye, the brush head should face the inside of the face. When the middle eyelash is applied, it will face upwards. When the eye is applied, the outer side will be facing outward. In order to move the brush head, try to change the angle. Remember to paint when you want to make your eyes look bigger and more ecstasy!

Mascara use method
Mascara use method

The third step: brushing the eyelashes

First, start from the top of the eyelashes in a slightly downward state. At this time, be careful not to touch the root of the eyelashes, but the two-thirds of the front end of the eyelashes. When applied from the top to the root, the eyelashes are easy to hang down.

Step 4: Make up the brush and apply the eyelashes

When the mascara is not dry, the eyelids are easily stained with mascara, so after the upper mascara is dried, apply mascara from below to make the lashes curl. If you accidentally apply mascara to your eyelids, just use a cotton swab to dip the lotion and gently wipe it off.

Step 5: Eyelash roots

Place the brush head under the root of the eyelashes, move it one by one, and apply it upwards. When applying from the bottom, it is possible to maintain the eyelash curling for a long time because the root is lifted. >>>How to choose mascara

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