Evaluation: European style North American style series custom overall wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the continuous development and maturity of the home furnishing industry, more and more consumers are paying attention to the overall life art of the home. Modern people prefer to add more independent ideas and features in their home life, which makes people There is an increasing demand for custom furniture in the “ Whole Wardrobe ” and has gradually formed a trend. Today, Xiaobian introduces a custom wardrobe of North American style. Let’s take a look!


Product features and features: This wardrobe closet door is made of aluminum alloy, and the thickness of aluminum is 1.5mm, which can prevent deformation of the wardrobe. The outer skin is covered with a cracked waistline and the texture is clear and natural. The style is American style and full of countryside. The overall color of this wardrobe is white, which is more elegant. The whole board adopts solid wood particle board which has good moisture-proof effect. The back panel of the wardrobe does not lean against the wall, and adopts slot type embedding to achieve a good moisture-proof effect. This wardrobe has a relatively strong storage function. The laminate, the lattice frame and the clothes rail can be used for movable type. They can be removed as required, and all are sealed with PVC. Durable and looking.

Custom wardrobe

Editor's comment: One of the features of this wardrobe is that the wardrobe is embedded in the slot, and the back panel does not lean against the wall, which plays a very good moisture-proof effect. In addition, this wardrobe is designed with a variety of storage styles. The laminate, clothes rail and lattice frame can be removed and fixed, and the functions are clearly defined and practical. When customizing this wardrobe, consumers can adjust and choose according to the actual needs of their home.


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