Electric homogenizer for biological, medical, and other fields

Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. adheres to the leading business philosophy of technological innovation and technology, and continues to make new contributions to the development of human social undertakings by carrying out strategic innovations and innovative product innovations. It is a company that integrates R&D, production and sales. Excellent product quality and excellent service, welcome to inquire. The company specializes in producing all kinds of electric homogenizers. The electric homogenizer uses the principle of grinding to soften the homogenization of animal and plant tissues to obtain the cytoplasmic DY89-II electric glass homogenizer required for the experiment.
The machine uses the grinding mechanism to soften the animal and plant tissues to obtain the cytoplasm and mitochondria required for the experiment. Applicable to biology, medicine, science and other fields, with low speed and high torque, no noise.
The main technical parameters
Continuously adjustable speed 50-1500rpm
Maximum power 120W
Homogenized bottle size 10ml.20ml randomly one each
Optional 1ml, 3ml.5ml.50ml
The DY89-I type does not have a speed display, which is the same as the GN 89-II; mitochondria. Adapted to, medicine, agronomy and other fields. Has a low speed and large torque. No noise, etc. Main features:

● There are six different sizes of bottles, knives and knives.
● There are six temperature control cups, which can be adjusted by adding hot water or coolant to the cup according to the needs of the materials.
● With mechanical positioning, the whole machine is easy to operate.
●The governor can perform stepless speed regulation according to the required speed

Shanghai Xinzhuang has an industry-recognized team of experts and first-class technology talents. With a deep understanding and mastery of scientific instrument technology, we will create high-tech laboratory instruments!
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