A brand new hot filling food bottle technology

One of the benefits, he said, is that even if the tamper-resistant safety and peelable aluminum laminate induction seals are removed from the cans, the cans can still be resealed by the consumer because the internal packing is still present.
James said: “Now any company that produces injection molding closures is very competitive in this market because of the high cost and low cost of this plastic cap. With this invention, manufacturers of plastic caps only need to purchase 3D sealing packings. , And then put it into the closure. This allows them to easily win most of the competitors - those metal closure producers.

A new Smart-Seal 3D hot can vacuum closure technology can be molded in polypropylene or high-density polyethylene plastic and can be adapted to any size glass or thick-walled PET can with a unique, peelable aluminum laminate Induction sealing. This easy-to-open, spiral design replaces metal-integrated vacuum closures that have dominated hot-canned packaging for decades now. Aron James, the inventor of the StarOne Group in the United Kingdom, said that this thermal closure system patent has been granted to plastic closure producers and hermetic filler producers.

"Many of them require better packaging solutions. Food manufacturers around the world are looking to replace glass containers with plastic containers and seals to reduce product weight, breakage, and improve tamper-proof security." The new hot can closure technology uses three kinds of container sealing lip, namely: along the outer lip, the upper lip and the inner lip. According to James, the actual surface of the sealed area is two to three times larger than traditional seals.
This patented package design dispenses highly sensitive liquids to the other party's dispense through free-standing and two-chamber systems in a compressible tube, making hair sprays and other dosage forms easier to use.
The Smart-Seal 3-D closure and packing system technology is suitable for all types of plastic containers, extrusion blow-molded throughout the manufacturing process, and comes in different sizes and wall thicknesses.
James said: "My invention has an approximately 100% to 200% increase in the sealing surface area compared to the top edge sealing method. With the invention of this new three-dimensional sealing and sealing technology, single-piece vacuum metal closures are used. It's possible to get a superior product with extra benefits at the same price.”
For this Smart-Seal 3D closure technology, different people have different opinions. At present, this technology is mainly applicable to industrial chemicals.
BPA and other food safety issues
With the recent development of PVC-sealing compounds and the continuous development of ADC, SEM, and BPA-related food safety issues (see http://), Aron James believes this is the perfect time to release this technology.
James pointed out: "The new regulations require that metal vacuum closures no longer use flexible sealing chemicals that they have used in the past. Because of the long-term health risks of BPA, they have now been banned by food production. Food manufacturers are looking for a brand for them. Safety does not have any new technology with ongoing or uncertain risks."
StarOne has designed and developed this Smart-Seal 3D closure technology while seeking the participation of authorized closure system companies from around the world.
James said, "We are discussing with these large food groups interested in new technology for hot can closures and they are also reviewing and changing their existing systems. In the second half of 2015, it should be possible in the food and beverage industry. Sale."
Aron James views Smart-Seal 3D closure technology as a platform for a range of products in the beverage, food, personal care, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
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The Drop-Top bottle dispensing closure is both a dispensing closure and a patented sealed container with a delivery system. Its interior has a unique multi-chamber design that can be used to store liquids, powders, gases, granules, or tablets.

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