Seven major mistakes to avoid using a low temperature test chamber

Due to the environment and the misuse of personnel, the low temperature test chamber will often play with temper, and even cause the safety of the operator's personal safety and property. The following seven misunderstandings to avoid the coefficient low temperature test chamber:
First, the test box power supply is three-phase five-wire system, in order to ensure equipment and personal safety, please supply power and reliable grounding according to our specifications;
2. It is strictly forbidden to place inflammable and explosive products for testing in the working area of ​​the equipment. Please refer to the manual for details.
3. If the test piece requires external power supply, please use the external power supply, do not directly use the power supply of the device itself;
4. When the test temperature is ≥55°C, do not open the refrigeration to extend the service life of the compressor;
5. Do not open the closed low temperature test box door by gravity. This will cause the door to fall off in the long run.
6. When the equipment is not used for a long time, it should be regularly removed to avoid moisture damage, so as to avoid damage to electrical components;
7. Do not open the door unless necessary, otherwise it may cause personal safety;

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