Buying new furniture at the Chengdu Furniture Fair for 4 days today and tomorrow

The fifteenth Chengdu Furniture Fair is in full swing at the new convention and exhibition center. After the opening on July 3, the merchants Yingmeng, welcomed only 140,000 merchants on the 3rd and 4th. Today and tomorrow, Chengdu Furniture Fair ushered in the "Volkswagen Hot Sale Day", and the new convention and exhibition center of the main venue was fully open to the public. On the weekends, people who want to see creative furniture and novel exhibition halls can go shopping and enjoy the benefits and win big prizes.

This year, the Chengdu Furniture Fair brought together well-known furniture brands from all over the country, and the various colored furniture products on display were dazzling. Zhejiang Anji Group, the hometown of Chinese chair industry, participated in the exhibition. Its representative chair, which was launched by Henglin Chair Industry, can be placed at 180 degrees, locked at any angle, and can realize remote control of mobile phones. In the Shenzhen Dream Beauty Furniture Showroom, a mattress that monitors sleep also attracts many buyers. Some exhibitors even moved the “town store treasure” that best represented the brand to the furniture exhibition site. The Austrian rosewood “3.3m Quanxianhui luxury round table” exhibited by Ruili Caiyun Furniture was hand-carved and won the country. The gold medal, worth 2.98 million yuan, is the most expensive furniture product of this year's Chengdu Furniture Fair.

Today and tomorrow, the exhibition will be open to the public, and citizens can come to the site to appreciate the charm of these special furniture. However, when visiting the exhibition, it is definitely not enough to be seen. The exhibitors have prepared a surprise for the public to buy new furniture at a low discount. The whole market will be picked up by you, the price will be as low as 40%, and you will be able to participate in the lucky draw when you purchase the “Chengdu Made” furniture. The total prize value is 500,000 yuan, and the lucky draw chance can be accumulated. The upper limit is 4 times and the prizes are available while stocks last. It is recommended that the public choose public transport as much as possible, preferably the subway, parking to the Global Center, and then take the shuttle bus to the exhibition site.

Chengdu furniture exhibition main venue part of the special products:

Shenzhen dream beauty home exhibits special sales



Original price (bed + bedside table + mattress)

Special price (bed + bedside table + mattress)



Cloth bed



Special price to send bedding, while stocks last


Cloth bed




Cloth bed




Cloth bed




Cloth bed




Cloth bed




Leather art bed



All Friends: The shuttle bus is set up directly to the store, and the audience can sign up for the shuttle bus to enjoy the 10% discount. The shuttle bus time is 11:00 am and 14:00 pm.

Pioneer: The only furniture company in the country that sells and sells furniture. The price during the event is 30% lower than the industry, 10% off new products and 25% off samples.


1. Bills are polite (send a gift)

2, a total of 6688 yuan to send a value of 158 yuan home cleaning kit;

3, a total of 8888 yuan to send a value of 320 yuan gel U-shaped pillow;

4, full 12888 yuan to send a value of 398 yuan towel sets;

5, full 18888 yuan to send 1318 yuan natural latex pillow 2;

6, a total of 26,888 yuan to send a value of 6800 yuan of natural latex pad;

(Note: Special items are not included in the total amount)

Gujia Home: 10% off on-site accessory products

Get a piece of furniture: 5-6% off

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