2013 wardrobe product year-end inventory focus product features

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In the upcoming 2013, smart, environmentally friendly, personalized and fashionable wardrobe products shine in the wardrobe industry. In this year, a wide range of environmentally friendly and intelligent products have become the protagonists of the market. The wardrobe products are no longer only in the price war, the voice of pursuing brand value and service quality is getting higher and higher, and the terminal stores are becoming more and more fashionable. The technology update has made our lives change quietly. Next, please follow the Chinese wardrobe net small series to focus on the characteristics of the wardrobe products, from three aspects of the 2013 wardrobe products for year-end inventory. I began to review the changes in the wardrobe industry in 2013, enlighten 2014, and look to the future.

First, innovative process technology

Wardrobe products

Mentioning the overall wardrobe production process, it is very simple for many people. The three-step one-piece cutting, edge-sealing, and perforating, the equipment used is nothing more than cutting saws, edge banding machines, row drilling, and structural points are nothing more than 32 series disassembly and assembly, etc. In fact, the actual overall wardrobe production process is much more complicated than these. It is also a piece of board. Some can be completed in one or two processes, while others can be completed in dozens or even dozens of processes. More advanced and meticulous process technology will make this product use better. Next, we will come together to innovate in the process technology of the 2013 wardrobe business.

1) All aluminum, rattan, plastic added to the wardrobe material

In addition to solid wood, board, what can be used in the wardrobe? In this year's third China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition, new wardrobe materials such as aluminum, rattan and plastic were introduced, which changed the history of panel furniture. The stunned and sighing of the wardrobe designers is unique.

The world's first "aluminum wardrobe", which is known as the wardrobe material revolution, debuted at the wardrobe exhibition. This wardrobe new product was the first creative choice of all-aluminum finished wardrobe in the material, subverting the use of wood and wood-based panels. The tradition of panel furniture. The innovation of this material also means that the wardrobe has truly achieved "zero formaldehyde". The use of aluminum has changed the size of the wardrobe sheet and its processing technology, breaking the environmental standards of the existing furniture E1 and E0, which has aroused strong concern from the industry and the participating audience. In addition to aluminum, plastic can also be used as a wardrobe. At the show, a wardrobe with a rattan-like appearance was made. The substrate is PE rattan (polyethylene plastic), which has no odor and can be degraded and reused. . The wardrobe made of this material can avoid the dysentery of the board which is easy to absorb moisture and mold. At the same time, the weaving technique is used as the main structure of the wardrobe, and the ventilation performance is good, so that the frame of the whole wardrobe is kept stable under the seasonal changes and the temperature and humidity changes.

2) Independent inkjet wardrobe door pattern

It is the trick to decide the appearance of the wardrobe. This year's new process technology innovation introduced the UV series wardrobe, the panel has high brightness, good toughness, and the most important thing is that it can independently print the pattern, which solves the problem that the wardrobe door panel has a single style for a long time, and makes the door style more development. .

3) TV can also become a wardrobe waistline

The waistline is the finishing touch to the look of the wardrobe. A company developed a set of overall wardrobe accessories, the wardrobe sliding door abandoned the conventional waistline, replaced by a TV embedded in the waistline position. Designed for small-sized bedrooms, the accessories are custom-made in size, allowing the wardrobe to combine the functions of a TV cabinet while storing clothing.

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