Using 3D printer to make human stem cells

The 3D printing technology is amazing and cool. Even business cards can be printed into 3D shapes, and printing out 3D pistols is not a problem. Now 3D printing technology can even save your life!

British scientists have successfully used a valve-based cell printer loaded with a control valve, which is filled with bio-ink to make viable stem cells. Stem cells can be transformed into various types of cells in the human body such as blood, skin cells, etc. They are very valuable in the eyes of biologists. Because of their versatility, they can develop into any cells such as muscle tissue or Internal organs.

However, the way to obtain stem cells is controversial. It is very difficult to obtain the embryos of women after abortion from a certain source.

This new invention will enable mass production of human stem cells, including human kidney embryos composed of organic ingredients.

The capacity of the cell printer is calculated in nanoliters. The nozzle of the printer is only 0.002 inches (about 0.005 cm). After printing, 70% to 90% of the cells can survive for 72 hours. Three days later, scientists tested its versatility and found that the cells still continue to grow; most importantly, after that, scientists can reorganize the organs in test tubes or petri dishes, and your body may no longer have to be cut into messes to obtain in vivo treatment.

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