Perfume bottle packaging design needs to be more sustainable

At present, the most distinctive feature of perfume bottle packaging is cross-border cooperation in the design and production of perfume bottles. At present, many perfume companies have actively cooperated with international big brands in the design and packaging of perfume bottles when launching new perfumes. Some well-known clothing designs Designers often become designers of limited-edition perfume bottles.

In this regard, we believe that the definition of perfume should be multi-angle. For international big-name perfumes and some limited-edition perfumes, using this method to introduce perfume bottles is obviously and appropriate, and it is also conducive to product promotion. However, there are many perfumes targeted at low-end users and consumers. Obviously, such perfume bottle designs have moved into the world and it is unrealistic to spend a lot of money on finding cross-border cooperation among famous designers. At the same time, these well-known designers It does not necessarily promise to design. Therefore, perfume bottle packaging design also requires some professional design agencies to participate in, they more professional understanding of the market, can launch new perfume bottle design at a lower cost, so that it is more consistent with the market's future development direction, more sustainable.

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