Children's furniture: high prices are not necessarily environmentally friendly

Nowadays, many children's furniture on the market are advertised as qualified for safety and environmental protection. In fact, some products are unqualified in terms of safety factor and environmental protection. Many consumers simply do not know how to identify them. . How to buy children's furniture? Hear what the experts say.

High price is not necessarily environmentally friendly

“After the renovation, for the health of the children, I specially spent 25,000 yuan to buy 5 sets of children's furniture. But now I have lived for more than half a year, the children's furniture still has a very pungent smell, and the Keyboard Tray of the computer table also appeared. Loose phenomenon." Mr. Gao, who lives in the high-tech zone, said very angrily. Tianyujia home related person in charge said that many owners do not understand the harm of children's furniture, leading some unscrupulous merchants to sell some non-environmental products, even in some large home stores, there are also some children selling children's furniture is not up to standard, its main The means is to play the "green" brand, and whether it is truly environmentally friendly, it is impossible to identify, Mr. Gao is a typical consumer who has spent a lot of money but has not bought environmentally friendly furniture.

Qualified furniture must meet the two standards of safety and environmental protection

When the reporter visited the market, he found that all the major home stores now have special sales areas for children's furniture. The brands are also diverse, and the environmental standards of each family are also different. So how do you choose a safe children's furniture?

Manager Li, who sells children's furniture at Sun Home, said that the purchase of children's furniture mainly starts from two aspects. First of all, it is safety. From August 1, 2012, China has the first national compulsory standard for children's furniture, "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture," which is the first standard for children's furniture structural safety and hazardous substances. The furniture shall not have dangerous, dangerous, accessible edges or tips during use. The corners and edges shall be rounded or chamfered. The product may be exposed to dangers below 1600 mm above the ground. The outer corner should be rounded, and the radius of the rounding is not less than 10 mm, or the length of the inverted arc is not less than 15 mm. Consumers can carefully ask how they do the safety performance of the product. Secondly, It is environmentally friendly. At present, the highest environmental green certification in China is the China Environmental Label (commonly known as the “Ten Ring” logo). This mark is the green certification authorized by the former State Environmental Protection Administration. It is also the only authoritative environmental protection product mark issued by the government in China. The state expressly stipulates that only products that pass the "10-ring certification" can be called "green products."

Fu Wenguang, deputy secretary-general of the Jilin Province Interior Decoration Association, said that the domestic environmental protection industry's more authoritative environmental certification also has China's quality environmental product certification (CQC), and CQC-certified products have environmental advantages such as low toxicity, less harm and resource conservation. The environmental standards for domestic applications are mainly for the detection of chemical substances such as “formaldehyde emission”, “heavy metal content”, “VOC content” and “benzene”. The amount of formaldehyde released in the MG/L range is ≤1.5, the soluble lead is in the MG/KG range ≤90, and the benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene are in the MG/KG range ≤300.

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