A brief analysis of the problems we should pay attention to when choosing evaporators for chillers?

Shenzhen Dongyuejin Chiller Factory briefly analyzes the problems that should be paid attention to when selecting the evaporator for the chiller: The evaporator is one of the four components of the refrigeration system and is the ultimate embodiment of the cooling effect and efficiency. The evaporator is generally designed and equipped by a chiller manufacturer , and the user does not need to select it. However, in order to better maintain the refrigeration system and ensure its efficient operation, the following points should be noted:

(1) The effect of the liquid level on the evaporation temperature. Because of the influence of the height of the refrigerant liquid column, the evaporation temperature at the bottom of the flooded evaporator is higher than the evaporation temperature at the liquid surface. Different refrigerants at different liquid surface evaporation temperatures are affected differently by the height of the hydrostatic liquid. Regardless of the type of refrigerant, the lower the evaporation temperature of the liquid surface, the greater the influence of the height of the liquid on the evaporation temperature. Therefore, the effect of the hydrostatic height on the evaporation temperature can be ignored only when the evaporation pressure is high. When the evaporation temperature is low, it cannot be ignored. That is, using a flooded evaporator at this time becomes uneconomical.

(2) The possibility of freezing of the brine. If the evaporation temperature is lower than the solidification temperature of the brine, the brine may freeze. In the last flow of the refrigerant, the temperature of the refrigerant is the lowest, and the possibility of freezing is the highest (for the reference of the refrigerant, reference can be made to the analysis of the type and selection of the refrigerant for the chiller refrigeration system ). When water is used as a refrigerant, the temperature inside the tube can theoretically be as low as 0°C. However, for the sake of safety, the temperature of the inner wall of the tube at the outlet of the last process is usually maintained at 0.5°C or higher. In the case where brine is used as a refrigerant, according to the same principle, the temperature of the inner wall of the pipe should be higher than the solidification temperature of the brine by more than 1°C.

(3) Pressure loss of refrigerant in the evaporator. The pressure loss caused by the refrigerant flowing through the evaporator will inevitably cause the pressure p2 of the refrigerant at the outlet of the evaporator to be lower than the pressure p1 at the inlet, thereby reducing the suction pressure of the compressor, resulting in a decrease in the cooling capacity.

According to different models, the choice of evaporator is not the same, such as the tank chiller, the use of tank coil evaporator; open chiller and screw chiller, the choice of shell and tube evaporator; for resistance Acid-base chiller, optional titanium tube evaporator or stainless steel plate exchanger. A chiller can have many options. Of course, it can be customized according to the needs of users.

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